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The hikes can start again. Come enjoy the long sunny days in Val d'Azun


Marcel Travel Posters highlights Val d'Azun
Julien is a young artist from the Lot. Based in Capbreton, on the Landes coast, he came to spend a few days in Bigorre, at the invitation of Jean-François and Cécile, to create a new work that will highlight this beautiful region of Val d'Azun.

Chalets d'Arrens: young people take over the torch
A great family success that continues from generation to generation

In order to facilitate your holidays, we have created a guide of stay including activities, excursions ... SUMMER / WINTER in the Val d'Azun.
As well as practical advice on cottages.

The new decoration of the independent chalet 6 people for this SUMMER

A little renewal in the chalets 6 people.
Finish the room with mezzanine, but now we have 3 rooms.
New decoration, new headboards, new beds 80 x190, parquet ...........

The last availabilities for this SUMMER:
- From July 20th to 27th = 1 chalet for 4 people + 1 PMR suite - From July 27th to August 3rd = 1 chalet for 4 people.
- August 17 to 24 = 1 Suite 2 people.

Producers Market
From June 18, from 16h to 20h the farmers' market will resume, on the place of Val d'Azun d'Arrens-Marsous. From the 17th of July
markets will be animated from 18h. (Concert + Breakfast)

Destination Outdoor
The Val d'Azun is a wilderness destination where fans of sensations and fresh air come to indulge in their favorite sports and leisure activities in its grandiose landscapes.Here we try to take the height, to ride on mountain bikes on the ridges, to climb a summit, to challenge the passes in cyclo, to run in the summer pastures, to fly in its azure sky ... Number of tracks and trails offer an incredible playground where all desires meet. Between the passes of Soulor and Couraduque, cross-country ski trails in winter, you can go hiking and picking, but also mountain biking, electric scooters, trail or even paragliding. But it is in the Pyrenees National Park that hikers or even fishermen find a multitude of discoveries as beautiful and surprising as each other.
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Gastronomy Terroir
Come to discover the gastronomy of Pyrénrées in particular the cheeses of Val d'azun.
Perfect for the first raclettes ...
MOUNTAINS FAMILY LIFE Martin, Cecile and Jeff
A small family, for 19 months now, and yes, our little end arrived on September 28, 2017, in Toulouse.
That's why we decided to take the plunge and make our little nest

Offer a relaxing weekend for 2 to 250 euros in a suite.

Lac Batcrabère

Refuge Larribet and Lakes Batcrabère

For more photos, I invite you to visit our blog:

First of all, I think it is important to detail our hike in stages because according to your form of the day, if you are with children or others, you will have to adapt your route. Times are indicated from the parking lot of the Pyrenees park house in Arrens-marsous.

Step 1: Lake Suyen: 30min

Step 2: Cascade Doumblas: 1h

Step 3: The Claou: 1h30

Stage 4: Refuge Larribet: 2h30 to 3h

Step 5: Batcrabères Lakes: 3:15 to 3:45

We left at 8:45 from Arrens-Marsous towards the Tech Dam and then we went to the parking lot of the Pyrenees park house.

At 9:05 we took the direction of Lake Suyen. The path climbs in laces in the fir trees, it is very well traced. It is indicated at 30min but for hikers 20min are enough.

Arrived at Lake Suyen, follow the path that bypasses it.
Arrived at a junction, turn right towards the Larribet refuge.
The path is very accessible and rather flat. You will see on your right Doublas waterfall, this place is ideal for a picnic with the family.

You will cross two small wooden bridges before reaching the Toue de Doublas (A Toue is a shepherd's shelter in the Pyrenees).

Always follow the path, a sign tells you:

-30min to the Claou (1740)
-1h45 to Larribet,
-2h30 to Batcrabères lakes,
Indeed it does not go bad from this place.

I advise families to just go to the nail, 30min walk a bit steep but it's worth it!
I can describe La Claou as an idyllic place, with a breathtaking view of the Pic de Clos Bédout. This place is perfect for children, a real playground in a natural environment.

Go, for the bravest, direction Le Refuge du Larribet !!! We took an hour.First, the setting is once again beautiful, we are on a plateau, so it is relatively flat, the Larribet stream passes, which forms small lacquered, natural pools ... in short the paradise for young and old alike.
Then we will climb in the rocks for about 30min, this is the least cool part of the ride but hey, you have to win the pretty views! ;)

For more info on the Refuge: https://refugedelarribet.ffcam.fr

A little beer and it's repartiiii :)

Go, last step of the hike, towards the lakes of Batcrabère, more than 45min of hiking!
Follow the sign above the Refuge, when you see the spiral made of pebbles, you can either go straight (what we did) or go to the left.
The paths lead to the same place, the only difference is that you arrive at the bottom of the lakes if you go straight.
Passing on the left you arrive on the heights.

We arrived at the lakes of Batcrabères !!!
After a picnic and a swim it's gone again ..

For the return go the same way or like us, follow the way back to the heights.
This one is very well drawn.

The return of the Batcrabères lakes to the car park took us not even 2 hours, well I did not count the Ricard took with local Larribet, which made us probably advance faster hehe;)

I hope you feasted as much as we did,

See you soon,

Cécile and Jeff

lac Nère

Hiking from Lake Estaing to Lake Nere

For this hike, plan the day.

We left Lake Estaing which is accessible by car.
In order to save time and if the barrier is open, go to the other side of the lake and continue on the path until you reach a small car park.
Park, put on your hiking shoes, take your backpack and let's go !!! It left for 1:30, see 2h (with children) climb to Plaa de Prat.
Follow the path for about thirty minutes, cross the bridge of plasi, then follow the trail that climbs up and then joins the forest.
Leaving the forest, the path joins a stream at the bottom of the valley. You will walk among cows and sheep, a treat for children!
You will pass near the Toue de la Cetira (typical habitat of Val d'Azun).
You are at this place in the Pyrenees National Park. Attention to the regulations!
A little further, a first lake, Lake Langle and a little higher is the Lake Plaa De Prat (1656m).
An ideal setting for a family afternoon, indeed, this place is relatively flat, a real playground, with views;)

For the bravest, like us, all right, we are clever because we had not brought Martin;)
You can go explore a little higher. Our goal is to climb to Lac Nère (2217).
To get there, go to the cabin, a little further, a sign indicates two directions. Take on the left, the direction of Pic Arrouy Lake. A steep path starts in the summer forest and leaves towards the forest.
The path crosses a small stream. A magnificent waterfall borders the very steep path. Follow the path that comes out of the forest.
You will see in the distance a cabin "Les Masseys". During the summer, do not hesitate to visit the shepherd Stéphane Iriberri, who is known for transhumance every year from Gironde to the Val d'Azun with his 600 sheep.
Stéphane will tell you the way to take to Lake Nere, if not, turn around and continue to climb full East (on your right). You only have 45min left to reach the lake !! Well I'm not going to hide that it does not go bad but everyone is able to do it, I'm actually not a very big sports!
Continue the path that follows another stream. It must be crossed on a flat part. The path leaves very steep in the rocks, then, in the middle of some trees.
Continue up this path through the rocks and follow the laces. Go back, the view is breathtaking!
Lake Nere is at the very top.
The return will be made by the same way in the opposite direction.
We took 3h and made 8,17kms from Lake Estaing to Lake Nere, and 2h for the return; which is largely feasible in the day.
If you have children, I advise you to go to Plaa de Prat.

Vue du refuge du Lac de Migouélou

Refuge and Lake Migouelou

The refuge belonging to the Pyrenees National Park, is accessible from the small parking Plaa d'Aste, after Lake Tech in Arrens-Marsous.
According to the panel, it is 3 hours walk, but we did it in 2 hours (without too many breaks).
I think it takes 2:30 to be quiet and between 3 and 4 with children.
Indeed, the beginning of the course is declined by rather abrupt laces.
Arrived at the top, you have an impregnable view on the valley of Arrens, of the green vegetation, this place is called mouic.
Then, the course becomes a little flatter, there is often snow even until July.
After this crossing, we found ourselves in the midst of clearings more or less hilly and dotted with little lackeys.
At the approach of the arches of the dam, we took the left path and skirted the vaults to Refuge de Migouélou (2285m).
The refuge is "guarded" every year from mid-June to mid-September; It has a capacity of 35 beds in summer and 8 in winter.
For the return, you can take the opposite way or, like us, go down on your right, towards Lake Lassiedouat and its small barage. An unobstructed view of the Pic de Cardier.
Then cross the footbridge, and follow the old railway track then go down on your left, you will see the Lakes of Touest with their translucent waters just below.
Be careful, do not look for a path, there is not one.
Leaving to the left you can admire the valley with Lake Tech and then resume the path back down to the parking lot. By following this one, you will arrive on the other side of the lakes of Touest with a still more impregnable view than the first one.
Follow the flowery path of rhododendrons and flowers of all kinds to the parking lot of departure.
The estimated time for the return is about 3 hours with breaks this time! And yes, the descent was for us, longer than the climb! haha